Medical Gas Supply Systems

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Medical gas supply systems are essential for resuscitation and intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency rooms, hospital wards, etc. 

When placing, all conditions shall be taken into consideration: the hospital profile, gas consumption volumes, requirements for gas composition, location, premises parameters, etc.

Advantages of a centralized medical gas supply system


  • Ensuring uninterrupted oxygen and other gases supply

The medical organization receives an adequate supply of oxygen without the need for daily replacement of oxygen cylinders. 


Use of modern automatic equipment and a central control system allows monitoring of the oxygen reserve, decreases the risk of leakage and allows timely replenish liquid oxygen and other gases.

  • Guaranteed oxygen content of 99.5% at the end point of consumption


99.5% of oxygen at the end point of consumption for further use in gas mixtures in the required concentration is provided by liquid oxygen - the main source, optimal design, use of high-tech equipment, and high-quality work, excluding gas losses on the way of its delivery from the ramp to the console.

  • Increasing the level of safety for patients and staff, ensuring the stability of modern medical equipment

The risks associated with presence of cylinders with oxygen and other gases in the places of its use are excluded.


In addition, safety is ensured by availability of control and shutdown, gear devices, a control system, a control unit with integrated sound and light alarm systems and automatic shut-off valves.


For stable operation of modern medical equipment, it is important to ensure uninterrupted supply of medical gases and compressed air of the required pressure and high purity class, excluding any bacterial impurities and other contaminants content.


The system functions in strict compliance with the regulations in force in the Republic of Kazakhstan: the rules of sanitary and epidemiological control, fire safety, GOST requirements, taking into account the requirements of national and European standards and practices, as well as production instructions, technical instructions and project conditions.


  • Saving space and optimizing the logistics in healthcare units

Depending on the Customer’s needs, the individual design solutions are implemented, an ergonomic design and modern peripheral technologies and equipment are selected.

  • Convenience of system use by the medical organization staff

The complex has a central control unit - a computer control room with the ability to monitor and control the hospital's medical gases system.


All consumers of medical gases in the hospital are divided into zones through distribution panels, and in the places of consumption (wards, operating rooms, etc.) appropriate equipment is installed with gas connectors and automatic shut-off valves that close when oxygen therapy is completed.


This guarantees a long service life of the equipment by reducing the intensity of wear in strict compliance with all safety standards and regulations.


The risks associated with the "human factor" are reduced, and it also becomes possible to optimize use of personnel.

  • Possibility of Enhancement


The customer gets the opportunity to gradually equip or enhance the system in case of increase in the need of a medical organization for oxygen and changes in working conditions (increasing bed capacity, opening new departments, introducing new technologies, reorganization, changing the profile of a hospital, etc.).  


How to provide the hospital with liquid oxygen?

We offer


  • Providing services in accordance with the international standards CE, ISO EN;
  • Individual approach to each project;
  • Development of the system as a whole and each of its elements in accordance with the peculiarities and needs of a medical organization;
  • The most up-to-date technology;
  • Advanced design solutions.



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Sarsenov Nurbek
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Aituarov Saulet
Head of the medical gas systems department
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Podskochiy Evgeniy
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Stages of Work

Audit of the existing technological equipment, analysis of the needs of a medical organization (MO), existing communications and development plans;
Project expertise and evaluation;
Design and preparing documentation in full compliance with the current regulatory requirements;
Design and implementation of alarm and monitoring systems;
Supply, installation of equipment and necessary systems for medical gas supply, medical air compressors, vacuum stations, gas discharge ramps, medical consoles (wall, ceiling for general therapeutic wards and intensive care units);
Construction and installation work on laying technological pipelines for supply of medical gases in a medical organization in various conditions: in the operating MO, a newly built facility, while reconstruction;
Carrying out tests confirming compliance with the requirements and certification, commissioning of the medical gas supply system;
Staff training and technical briefing;
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
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